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p&o ferries, crisis communication management, ferries in the harbour

Crisis communication management: P&O Ferries

Crisis communication goes wrong more often than it goes right, and the P&O Ferries debacle has demonstrated this. What can we learn from it?

1st April 2022

crisis comms, shell says sorry, oil and gas plant

Crisis comms: Shell says sorry

Shell deplored the ‘senseless’ loss of life in Ukraine and announced they were pulling out of Russia. Days later, they bought discounted Russian oil. So how does their crisis comms strategy hold up? Let’s find out.

10th March 2022

president zelensky, crisis leadership, shaking hands

Crisis leadership: Three steps in doing the right thing

Crisis leadership is about finding the moral authority, explaining your position clearly, and communicating regularly. Let’s explore three lessons from the communication surrounding the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

3rd March 2022

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