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5 key principles of great communication

5 Key Principles to Ensure Great Communication with Journalists

This week, I’ve witnessed the extreme ends of journalism. From the Washington Post’s exposition of the Nixon administration, to the six-figure sum paid by the Mirror Group for hacking High Grant’s phone. Here are five Golden Rules that will allow you to use the media to get your point across effectively.

6th February 2018

Communication Skills Training Blog, predicting success with conditions

Communication Skills: Predicting Success, with Conditions

In this week’s communication skills training blog, we explain why we’re big believers in predicting success. And how you can use positive language to help move closer to your goals.

31st January 2018

Communicating Under Pressure: Answering Difficult Questions

“This is the Netherlands, You have to answer the question.”
US Ambassador to The Netherlands, Peter Hoekstra, found himself in hot water this week when he failed to respond during some tough questioning from the press.
Here’s the wrong way – and the right way – to answer difficult questions.

25th January 2018

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