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Advanced presentation skills course scotland, colin stone, pink elephant communications

Advanced presentation skills course Scotland

You’ve searched for Advanced presentation skills course Scotland.

Welcome to Pink Elephant Communications.

We’re based in Glasgow’s Pollok Country Park.

And simply put, we boost people’s confidence in their presentations.

By introducing some simple rules for communication.

They apply to every aspect of life.

Whether that’s pitching to the senior management team.

Giving a TED talk on your chosen subject.

Or simply writing an important email.

So what will you learn from our advanced presentation skills course?

Read on.

Advanced presentation skills course Scotland

Advanced presentation skills course scotland, pink elephant mug, training session

We’ve delivered over 4,000 training sessions.

Across 25 different countries.

It all started in 1989 in Glasgow with Bill McFarlan.

And the rules he created are as relevant today as ever.

We go wherever the work takes us.

From Lochgilphead to London. 

And from Munich to Milngavie.

Every advanced presentation skills course we deliver has a clear goal.

To make you feel more confident in all of your communication.

We do this by taking you through our Golden Rules.

Five simple tips to redefine your presentations.

We’ll start with taking out the jargon.

And replacing that with pictures.

Next, it’s onto the watering-down words like try, hopefully and quite.

We’ve got better words to substitute in their place.

After that, it’s on to the pink elephants.

Our term for unnecessary negatives that we use in everyday speech.

Penultimately, we’ll discuss dealing directly with any question.

We believe there are five possible answers to start with.

And lastly, we’ll show you the structure to bring it all together.

A visual example to run by all of your communication.

And that’s the tip of the iceberg of our advanced presentation skills course Scotland.

Who are our trainers?

 Advanced presentation skills course scotland, who are our trainers, bill mcfarlan

Under the term advanced presentation skills course Scotland, there’s a range of experts to call upon.

We’ve got former BBC presenter Bill McFarlan.

He’s also the Executive Chairman and company co-founder.

His expertise spans more than 40 years.

Colin Stone is the newest addition to the Pink Elephant team.

An ex-STV News anchor and Radio Clyde senior reporter.

He’s presenting on a new show on STV this year.

Marjory Kenny’s background is a mix of two worlds.

A newspaper career followed by heading up Edinburgh City Council’s PR department.

There’s also Managing Director Andrew McFarlan.

An expert in key messaging and making an impact.

All four understand the power of a great presentation.

As well as the different aspects of how it’s coming across.

How do you sound?

Do you look like you want to be there?

Is your pace slow enough so we understand everything?

Or could you be using pauses more effectively?

Our trainers are there to demonstrate best practice and give their analysis.

You’ll be able to analyse your own performances by the end of the session.

When the training ends, you’ll get a USB with your own presentations on it.

We film them and watch them back.

It’ll also have the latest Pink Elephant presentation skills training vlog for you to enjoy.

Plus the Drop the Pink Elephant book and the Golden Rules handbook.

What next?

Advanced presentation skills course scotland, pink elephant mug, training session

You likely searched for ‘Advanced presentation skills course Scotland’.

And we’d be delighted to run the session from our Glasgow studios.

If you’d rather host us at your office, we’d be thrilled to join you.

In 2020 alone, we’ve gone to businesses in Inveraray, Nairn and Kinning Park.

So we can come to you.

Wherever you are around the globe.

So what do you need to do next?

Give us a call on the phone number below.

Or please send us an email if you’d rather.

We’d love to hear from you.

From media training to crisis communication and much more.

Start the journey of boosting your confidence today.


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0141 427 2545

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Advanced presentation skills course Scotland photos by Pink Elephant Communications.

Advanced presentation skills course Scotland

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